Brutnell Lab members have developed and tested a low-cost RNA-seq library preparation method for the generation of strand-specific reads.

This protocol was designed for high-throughput RNA-sequencing by exponentially reducing the cost for magnetic beads and multiplexing with up to 108 indices. The protocol has been further optimized for use on a Hamilton Nimbus 96-channel liquid handling robot for improved efficiency. It can be adapted for various RNA inputs (mRNA-purified, ribosomally depleted, and LCM followed with T7 linear amplification RNA input).


Download: Brutnell Lab Protocol for Multiplexed Strand-specific RNA-Seq Library Preparation for Illumina Sequencing Platforms

Modified from:

“A Low-Cost Library Construction Protocol and Data Analysis Pipeline for Illumina-Based Strand-Specific Multiplex RNA-Seq” (Lin Wang, et al., 2011) Link

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