Collecting grasses and grass friends during our hike from Waipio to Waimanu Valley, Hawaii in July 2017. I found Oplismenus hirtellus (Top Left), and my spouse, Karen, hikes past Joinvillea ascendens (Top Right) on our trek. Metrosideros polymorpha (Below Left), the most common tree on the Big Island varies greatly in size, plays a major role in Hawaiian ecology, is among the earliest of colonizers of volcanic rocks, and is currently endangered by a new fungal disease. Wind shapes the landscape at Mahana Bay (Bottom Right), near the US southernmost point.



Family at New York Botanical Garden in May 2016.


Pu Huang (Left), post-doctorate researcher in Brutnell Lab, and me (Right) pose with Setaria viridis during our October 2015 US collecting trip.

SetariaShackBrutnell Lab members take a break after planting in July 2015 at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Mitch Tucker, a graduate student at University of Missouri-Columbia, explores Arches National Park en route to Evolution 2013 in Snowbird, UT.

                               2012 in Oaxaca: A teosinte exemplar (Left). Domesticated and non-domesticated prickly pear cacti (right).

Delicious members of the Brassicaceae, a model family for the study of polyploidy and focus of my research in the Pires Lab.

Fortuitous reunion at Denver Int’l Airport with professors and research advisors,               Drs. Diane Janick-Buckner and Brent Buckner 2012 (Denver, CO)

                Nucleotide extraction in the Pires Lab Summer 2012 (Columbia, Missouri)                Left to Right: Avinash Karn, Wade Dismukes, Madison Knapp, and Sarah Unruh

Plant and Animal Genome Conference January 2012 (San Diego, California). I am having fun seeing fellow Truman State University alumni Doug Eudy and Will Petry.

               En route from Evolution June 2011 (Norman, Oklahoma) with Kate Hertweck

Last Ploid Supper May 8th, 2010 (Columbia, Missouri)

Maize research at Truman State University in 2009.

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